Concerned Public Health Professionals on the Israeli attack on Gaza

These article shows about the concern of India public health professionals on the Israeli attack on Gaza. Very well said. Me, as (a candidate^^) public health professionals, also have similar concern for the long term impact of the conditions of perpetual war on the health status of the Palestinian people apart from the deaths and injuries inflicted in the ongoing hostilities. Lets send our best doa and don’t stop to support them by donate our little bit ‘rejeki’, at least that’s a thing that we can do from here. and surely always believe in Allah 🙂

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The following is a statement issued by some concerned public health professionals in New Delhi, on 21st July, 2014

The world is once again witness to the macabre dance of death in Gaza unleashed by the Israeli aggressors, and once again the news of scores of innocent Palestinian deaths, including those of a number of women and children, is flooding in. The tragedy is compounded many-fold by the conspiracy of silence on this issue entered into by all the major powers of the world, who have singularly failed to take any effective measure to restrain the Israeli aggressors. The only exception to this silence is USA, Israel’s long time sponsor, which has once again blocked efforts at the United Nations to pass any motion of censure against Israel.

Israel’s alibi for the latest attack – to punish perpetrators of abduction and murder of three Israeli boys, holds little merit…

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