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the same question I usually ask to myself, “Do you actually make a living as a writer?”

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Why We Write: (hint: It ain’t for the money.)

All writers get this question at some point: “Do you actually make a living as a writer?” It’s often laced with the faintest contempt, designed to conceal the fact that the speaker is comparing himself to you. Outwardly, the comparison reads as, “Some of us don’t have the luxury to be so self-indulgent.” Inside, I suspect there’s a fine vein of, “I want to tell stories, too,” running through the question, along with the guilt-ridden belief that if a thing doesn’t produce a living wage, it is an unworthy pursuit for Upstanding Americans.

If it were really true that the worth of a pursuit directly correlated with income, we’d all be hedge-fund managers, or die trying. But some of us are schoolteachers and social workers between 8 and 5. Some are gardeners and activists for no income at all. And…

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My Keys of Happiness: A Note to Myself

postingan yang sampai saya print dan saya bawa kemana2 :’)
So lucky me to know this blog and the writer too!

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Hello world, this is another dreamstocks!

Again, I made my personal blog hahaha :p

I have visited my previous blog and I think that was very teary and bloody and mellow and so on, which made me so shy to re-read my own posts. Those blog was made when I was in senior high school and of course, that’s full of senior-high-school-girls things, full of mellow-dramatic and alay stories such as, well, love-line and so on.

So, I decided to make a new blog and I choose to make on WordPress, not similar to my previous blog, because someone gave an advice to

lets being anti-mainstream, being different is unique

so I make this one.

Talking about the article that I will publish in here, I still arrange some content to published. Well, I have to be more mature now because  I am not too young again (hahaha :p), so I should write wisely, have some aims, and can give a benefit for others who will visit and read this blog.

Surely I will write about my interest in health, especially oral health and health promotion. Also I will write about some journey that I did before. Maybe I also will write some opinion about current issues, my interpret and review about songs, movies, and books.  And absolutely I have to write in the right way! Let’s learn back about S-P-O-K again!

And I will try to write in english, because yeah, I have to training and increasing my english ability. Of course, it will not be a perfect post, it will be so many wrong vocab, error grammar, and another mistake. But please accept my apologize for the mistakes that I did in the past or I will do in the future. Learning is a process, right? Help me to be a better student and person 🙂

See you in the next post!

Best regards,

septika 🙂

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Momiji (7): Why do I Wear Jilbab?

selalu, setiap kali berada di tempat minoritas muslim :’)

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